Crystals have tremendous healing power. Despite technically being ‘just’ compressed minerals from the mountains or the earth in form of stones, they are more then pretty looking adornments. Each chakra has corresponding crystals, which do a great job relieving pain, uplifting your mood or healing ailments of the body and mind.

On our trip through the Atlas Mountains, we usually stop at a particular spot, where there is a mountain man selling his recent finds. Big chunks of Amethyst, Quarzt and Hematite, among others. In the desert you find a lot of crystals as well, but particularly Hematite, which is good for the root chakra.

Crystals are very dear to me and I carry a bunch of them around with me every time I travel. They are part of my portable altar and there is a whole collection left behind, which would occupy too much weight and space in my suitcase. I guess I came to them, because I was drawn to them, not that I remember a particular moment I started collecting crystals. Every time I enter a crystal shops, there is at least one that´s calling me. However, I do remember the advice of the shaman lady I work with in Berlin, to use certain crystals for certain effects, which was just the beginning into a journey of learning about the effects of crystal healing. They say, if one particular crystal attracts you, it´s exactly the one you need right now. Juts give it a try. If you look up the meaning afterwards, you´ll be surprised how well it fits.

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