Desert U Retreat_Anne Haack Yoga_RootCHakra_Sahara_webHow to strengthen your root chakra, Muladhara (mula = root, adhara = base / support)?

Your root chakra is located at the base of the spine and relates to your physical experience on this planet. It´s concerned with your most basic needs: survival, the feeling of safety and security, stability. On an energetic level it relates to money, conditioning, family issues, belonging to a tribe, feeling at home and recognizing the connection to mother earth.

By walking through the desert, entering the ever present embrace of the desert, you are activating your root chakra through the connection to nature in it´s purest form. Wind, sunshine, earth, space and the water that runs through the desert underneath the dunes. Reconnect to all these elements inside of your body and recognize that you are part of a greater whole.

Few places left in our ‘Chakra Flow Retreat’ from 23. April – 1. May, 2016. Maybe one spot is waiting exactly for you?

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