Desert_Love_Sahara_web_LogoI once said, I don´t have a teacher in Morocco. In fact, that´s not entirely true. The desert has become my greatest teacher. Every time I´m in Morocco, I religiously take a 13 hour bus journey to the Sahara, to listen to it´s silence that bears a hundred lessons and is louder than words. To listen to the people, who tell me their ancient rituals. To look at this emptiness of a landscape, at the beauty of it, and become still. Every time I come here, I feel nothing else is needed. It´s the same feeling when I´m in the presence of a master. This feeling of everything is alright as it is, a big relief. Nothing is needed. Everything just is. And life is such beauty. Such beauty as the clouds that are being painted every day in a new way on the desert sky. Such beauty as the tremendous blue of the sky that fades into lighter blue when it touches the aura of the dunes. Such beauty as the soft curves of the dunes and the warmth of the sand under my feet. Such beauty as the names of the big dunes, big ladies like ‘Lalla Merzouga’. Such beauty of this endless nothingness in which everything is present.

One love from the desert.



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