☼ How did our retreats emerge out of the Sahara Desert? ☼

AnneHaack_Yoga_Ekapadarajakapotasana_webI rarely give (personal) background about the why´s of my journey and the retreats I lead, but I felt it might be an important part of the Chakra Flow Retreat. After all this retreat didn´t come about in search of an exotic location, but rather through a long string of events (when I was still a DJ on my way to Casablanca and a VJ boyfriend), that lead me almost as if guided to the desert, at a time when I had not the slightest interest in the desert.

Morocco is a country rich in magic, rituals and power spots. I´ve been coming here since 2005 and every time felt a strong pull towards the country and a need of coming back.
The Sahara desert is one of these power spots. I’ve had a calling to go there again and again (once I finally set foot in the dunes after years of hopping between cities), as it helped me to see and release karma from past lives. It seemed almost as if my way there was destined to be. The desert has been one of the most revelatory, challenging but also healing places I’ve been to. And it truly has it´s own magic.

This is why I created Desert U Retreat. Because if it unlocks something powerful in me, I believe it can do the same for you! Be it asanas, forgotten memories, unknown strengths, a greater connection to God; the desert enters you and then it does it´s own thing. Almost like Reiki. Desert U = U are the Desert. The desert is your mirror.

Moroccans go there to take a ‘bain du sable’ (a sand bath) every year, as it is said to cure illnesses such as Rheuma, Arthritis and pains in the body. The sand literally sucks the pain out. Why? Because it is mother earth in it’s purest form (no electrical currents, no noise pollution, no nothing) and a combination of all 5 elements: earth, water (there is water underneath the sand if you dig a little), fire (sun), air, space. I´ve tried it several times. The slightest back pain disappears if I just lie on the sand and slide down one of the big dunes.

One of the reasons why I stayed there so often in the village living with the berber, taking daily walks into the dunes to explore how far I could go and still find my way back (quite far actually), is the strong energetic attraction I felt to the dunes. Like a mother the dunes embrace. And although the desert is male as a whole, the dunes are female. Very feminine actually with the soft curves and the warm spirit that takes away your pain. The longer I stayed, the more I would hear the whispers of the Universe. The berber are a tribe that is very unique, highly spiritual and also very wise. The berber are almost like shamans, they are in touch with nature and read their signs intuitively, while at the same time practicing rituals that are very similar to meditation techniques from the yogic scriptures.

Chakra Flow Retreat_AnneHaack_Yoga_Morocco_Retreat_Sahara_web

The classes are tailored to your individual needs and level, rather deep than fast and dynamic, even if it will be a flow, of course. All levels welcome. We had total beginners and seasoned practitioners in past retreats and in the end everyone would take something home from it. The power of the chakras lies in showing you exactly what to work on, so that your energy can flow freely to bring lasting peace of mind.
Each day there are specific kriyas and asanas, including pranayama and meditation, for each chakra. The focus is on energy work instead of work out. It’s a great opportunity to shift something, which otherwise is hiding or gets overlooked in regular classes.

These are either dynamic, moving the body to release energetic blockages and giving the mind a break, or they are guided using imagery and visualization as tools to unlock the subconsciousness, which communicates through feelings and visions, rather than words and thoughts.

All these elements together create a powerful trinity, as you can see. A holy trinity so to speak, coupled with a sense of adventure and a great potential to overcome any kind of unknown fear. So if you feel called to join, just get in touch, places are limited to 7.

April, 8 – 18, 2017 – Easter Chakra Flow, Sahara Desert
• 10 nights / 11 days


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Golden light, golden dunes, golden vibe, join in!

☼ What is Pizza Berber? ☼

Most of you that came to the retreats have experienced pizza berber in the desert, a special type of calzone style pizza baked in the hot sand under a sparkling fire. But what exactly is it?


Pizza berber in the making in the desert camp. Not without a Moroccan tea of course.

Pizza berber is made of traditional pizza dough that get prepared over a lengthy period of type. Everything is a bit more slow motion in the desert so the pizza maker takes his time to do every single step of the process. Later he prepares the vegetables, herbs and meat which are cooked and roasted so they form a paste. This paste goes into the filling of the pizza dough, means the whole pizza is closed in dough, the filling is inside, like a calzone, but round as a pizza.

Then the pizza is brought to the fire and gets placed in the sand under the fire, our berber guys in the desert also place a metal covering over it, to increase the heat. Once finished the metal cover gets taken away and the pizza taken out of the sand with two wooden sticks.

Once out of the fire, the not crispy crusty pizza gets scratched free of sand and wood and ashes and is ready to be eaten! Delicous! Crusty & crispy outside, and hot, warm and chewy inside, it really is an experience every single time!


Chakra Flow Retreat – Easter 2017 – Discount till 15th of December – BOOK NOW

Chakra Flow 2017_webYoga •Meditation • Movement • Chakra Healing • Nomad Lifestyle

Booking for our annual Chakra Flow Retreat is open now! Benefit from the SUPER EARLY BIRD till 15th of October or the EARLY BIRD discount till the 15th of December to reserve your place. This time we explore the desert a little further and stay for 10 nights / 11 days, which leaves more time to explore desert villages, visit the nomads or take some down time meditating on the dunes. An optional 3 nights / 4 days excursion to Essaouira, the arty coastal town, can be added after the Chakra Flow Retreat.

The Chakra Flow is a transformational, spiritual, holistic road trip through the South of Morocco and it´s rich local culture, all the way to the Sahara desert. It is an opportunity to activate your chakras and all of your senses. While Morocco with it´s vibrant colors (including those of the chakras), taste and design awakens you externally, the energy and silence of the desert awakens you from within.

Gain in depth understanding about the 7 main psycho-spiritual energy centres in your body through yoga, meditation, colors, sound, crystals and movement and learn how to work with them in your daily life.

You will come away with new insights to balance, centre and harmonize your body, mind and spirit, a new understanding of yourself and most probably with a new outlook on life!

By spending time in the desert and its silence you´ll connect deeply to your inner wisdom and hear clearly what the next steps on your life path will be.

Individual Healing Session support you further on your journey: Chakra Healing, Reiki, Ayurveda Healing Massage, Kinesiology Muscle Testing and Yoga Therapy.


Find all the DETAILS about the Retreat HERE.

SUPER EARLY BIRD discount of 180€ till 15th of October.

EARLY BIRD discount of 90€ till 15th of December.

Places are limited, so reserve your spot soon.


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☼ Chakra Flow Retreat: The Desert Is Your Mirror ☼

We are just back from the Desert U Chakra Flow Retreat in the Sahara Desert and it was quite an experience (as always!). Many things happened on the retreat, physically, emotionally and otherwise and the desert showed us again, what a powerful, untouched place on earth it is.


The desert is a transformative place and not everybody is prepared for it. The more often I come here, the more I get the feeling that the desert irrevocably shows us our shadows, no matter how hard we try to avoid them. There is no light without a shadow and there is no enlightenment without some thorough shadow work. I´ve had a few hard times here, but keep coming back for the good ones. And the more often I come, the more I feel I´m shedding old skin, old traumas, old shadows, old old that doesn´t serve me anymore. It took me a few rounds to see the working behind it all, but it feels like the ripples are smoothening.

Read the full article here.


☼ Scarab Spirit Medicine ☼

scarab 3Being in the desert, the scarab is one of the most common beings to be encountered. And since every being you meet here has a meaning, this is the one of the scarab. The desert is a very transformative place, even more so with all the spirit animals to be found.

‘The scarab beetle is a sign of God, assisting in the authentic manifestation of Self. It brings transformation, showing you that you are at a crossroad, helping you to unlock magic. Furthermore it stands for eternity. It´s considered to be a creator of life, but also a renewer of life. The scarab is said to remove blockages in the chakras and energetic system, to help with digestive disorders and detoxing, processing trauma and assimilating new information.’


☼ How to strengthen your Root Chakra? ☼

Desert U Retreat_Anne Haack Yoga_RootCHakra_Sahara_webHow to strengthen your root chakra, Muladhara (mula = root, adhara = base / support)?

Your root chakra is located at the base of the spine and relates to your physical experience on this planet. It´s concerned with your most basic needs: survival, the feeling of safety and security, stability. On an energetic level it relates to money, conditioning, family issues, belonging to a tribe, feeling at home and recognizing the connection to mother earth.

By walking through the desert, entering the ever present embrace of the desert, you are activating your root chakra through the connection to nature in it´s purest form. Wind, sunshine, earth, space and the water that runs through the desert underneath the dunes. Reconnect to all these elements inside of your body and recognize that you are part of a greater whole.

Few places left in our ‘Chakra Flow Retreat’ from 23. April – 1. May, 2016. Maybe one spot is waiting exactly for you?


Find out more here.

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☼ Traditional Gnaoua Music from the Desert ☼

Desert music from ‘El Pueblo de los Negros’, Khamlia. Traditional Gnoua music originated in East and West Africa and was brought by the slaves to Morocco. Their music was used to connect to spirit and as healing sound for the soul. The repetitive beat along with the rhythmic call-and-response chanting have a trance-like, calming effect on body, mind and soul. Traditional Gnaoua processions would last days, sometimes an entire week, where several spirits were invoked. Nowadays it is widely seen as popular music in Morocco, although healing rituals are still secretly performed.


☼ Chakra Flow Retreat: Which Crystals correspond to which Chakras? ☼

Crystals have tremendous healing power. Despite technically being ‘just’ compressed minerals from the mountains or the earth in form of stones, they are more then pretty looking adornments. Each chakra has corresponding crystals, which do a great job relieving pain, uplifting your mood or healing ailments of the body and mind.

On our trip through the Atlas Mountains, we usually stop at a particular spot, where there is a mountain man selling his recent finds. Big chunks of Amethyst, Quarzt and Hematite, among others. In the desert you find a lot of crystals as well, but particularly Hematite, which is good for the root chakra.

Crystals are very dear to me and I carry a bunch of them around with me every time I travel. They are part of my portable altar and there is a whole collection left behind, which would occupy too much weight and space in my suitcase. I guess I came to them, because I was drawn to them, not that I remember a particular moment I started collecting crystals. Every time I enter a crystal shops, there is at least one that´s calling me. However, I do remember the advice of the shaman lady I work with in Berlin, to use certain crystals for certain effects, which was just the beginning into a journey of learning about the effects of crystal healing. They say, if one particular crystal attracts you, it´s exactly the one you need right now. Juts give it a try. If you look up the meaning afterwards, you´ll be surprised how well it fits.

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Chakra Flow Retreat – April 2016 – Discount till 20st January – BOOK NOW


Join us for a road rip though the South of Morocco and your chakras.

Do you know what your chakras are and where they are located in the body? Have you always been curious about what´s behind the simple practice of asanas and how the energy works in your body within a yoga session? Would you like to learn more about the connection of body, mind and spirit? Then join us for our annual signature “Chakra Flow Retreat” in the desert of Morocco

You´ll learn how money, family, conditioning, food, overall happiness, physical ailments, relationships, the abilty to speak up for yourself, intuition, wisdom, clarity and higher guidance are all related to the chakras and how you can specifically work with them on a physical and energetic level to personally grow, expand and express your full potential. We´ll work with the elements, with colors, with music and with movement.


“Yoga is not a workout, it´s a lifelong process that includes self-observation, checking the behavior towards oneself and others, breathing techniques, asanas (postures), concentration, meditation, going inward and so much more.
You´ll be able to experience several of these yogic parts during the week, plus learning about your chakras and how to work with them to use your energy wisely and to find out how your energy can be influenced by food, thoughts, behaviors, colors etc.
And on top of that: The tremendous beauty of the desert, that sometimes simply calls for not doing anything at all.
How often in your daily life do you do that?
This trip will enrich your knowledge and understanding of what yoga is by far, compared to any studio yoga class.
The desert can´t be described, it is to be experienced.” ~ Desert U Retreat

Furthermore there will be the opportunity to take individual healing sessions: Chakra Healing, Reiki, Ayurveda Healing Massage, Kinesiology Muscle Testing and Yoga Therapy.

By spending time in the desert and it´s tremendous silence you´ll be able to connect more deeply to your inner wisdom and hear clearly what each of your chakras has to tell you.


The EARLY BIRD discount of 90€ is available till 20st January, reserve your spot now! Places are limited.

• info@desert-u-retreat.com •

*If you are coming back and you joined one of our retreats before, ask for a special discount.*


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Namasté and Bislama!

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☼ The Desert Is Your Greatest Teacher ☼

Desert_Love_Sahara_web_LogoI once said, I don´t have a teacher in Morocco. In fact, that´s not entirely true. The desert has become my greatest teacher. Every time I´m in Morocco, I religiously take a 13 hour bus journey to the Sahara, to listen to it´s silence that bears a hundred lessons and is louder than words. To listen to the people, who tell me their ancient rituals. To look at this emptiness of a landscape, at the beauty of it, and become still. Every time I come here, I feel nothing else is needed. It´s the same feeling when I´m in the presence of a master. This feeling of everything is alright as it is, a big relief. Nothing is needed. Everything just is. And life is such beauty. Such beauty as the clouds that are being painted every day in a new way on the desert sky. Such beauty as the tremendous blue of the sky that fades into lighter blue when it touches the aura of the dunes. Such beauty as the soft curves of the dunes and the warmth of the sand under my feet. Such beauty as the names of the big dunes, big ladies like ‘Lalla Merzouga’. Such beauty of this endless nothingness in which everything is present.

One love from the desert.



If you want to experience this beauty, holla at anne@desert-u-retreat.com. Design your own individual tour or join one of the yoga & meditation retreats.