Join us for a road rip though the South of Morocco and your chakras.

Do you know what your chakras are and where they are located in the body? Have you always been curious about what´s behind the simple practice of asanas and how the energy works in your body within a yoga session? Would you like to learn more about the connection of body, mind and spirit? Then join us for our annual signature “Chakra Flow Retreat” in the desert of Morocco

You´ll learn how money, family, conditioning, food, overall happiness, physical ailments, relationships, the abilty to speak up for yourself, intuition, wisdom, clarity and higher guidance are all related to the chakras and how you can specifically work with them on a physical and energetic level to personally grow, expand and express your full potential. We´ll work with the elements, with colors, with music and with movement.


“Yoga is not a workout, it´s a lifelong process that includes self-observation, checking the behavior towards oneself and others, breathing techniques, asanas (postures), concentration, meditation, going inward and so much more.
You´ll be able to experience several of these yogic parts during the week, plus learning about your chakras and how to work with them to use your energy wisely and to find out how your energy can be influenced by food, thoughts, behaviors, colors etc.
And on top of that: The tremendous beauty of the desert, that sometimes simply calls for not doing anything at all.
How often in your daily life do you do that?
This trip will enrich your knowledge and understanding of what yoga is by far, compared to any studio yoga class.
The desert can´t be described, it is to be experienced.” ~ Desert U Retreat

Furthermore there will be the opportunity to take individual healing sessions: Chakra Healing, Reiki, Ayurveda Healing Massage, Kinesiology Muscle Testing and Yoga Therapy.

By spending time in the desert and it´s tremendous silence you´ll be able to connect more deeply to your inner wisdom and hear clearly what each of your chakras has to tell you.


The EARLY BIRD discount of 90€ is available till 20st January, reserve your spot now! Places are limited.

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*If you are coming back and you joined one of our retreats before, ask for a special discount.*


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Namasté and Bislama!

See you in the desert soon.