AnneHaack_Yoga_Ekapadarajakapotasana_webI rarely give (personal) background about the why´s of my journey and the retreats I lead, but I felt it might be an important part of the Chakra Flow Retreat. After all this retreat didn´t come about in search of an exotic location, but rather through a long string of events (when I was still a DJ on my way to Casablanca and a VJ boyfriend), that lead me almost as if guided to the desert, at a time when I had not the slightest interest in the desert.

Morocco is a country rich in magic, rituals and power spots. I´ve been coming here since 2005 and every time felt a strong pull towards the country and a need of coming back.
The Sahara desert is one of these power spots. I’ve had a calling to go there again and again (once I finally set foot in the dunes after years of hopping between cities), as it helped me to see and release karma from past lives. It seemed almost as if my way there was destined to be. The desert has been one of the most revelatory, challenging but also healing places I’ve been to. And it truly has it´s own magic.

This is why I created Desert U Retreat. Because if it unlocks something powerful in me, I believe it can do the same for you! Be it asanas, forgotten memories, unknown strengths, a greater connection to God; the desert enters you and then it does it´s own thing. Almost like Reiki. Desert U = U are the Desert. The desert is your mirror.

Moroccans go there to take a ‘bain du sable’ (a sand bath) every year, as it is said to cure illnesses such as Rheuma, Arthritis and pains in the body. The sand literally sucks the pain out. Why? Because it is mother earth in it’s purest form (no electrical currents, no noise pollution, no nothing) and a combination of all 5 elements: earth, water (there is water underneath the sand if you dig a little), fire (sun), air, space. I´ve tried it several times. The slightest back pain disappears if I just lie on the sand and slide down one of the big dunes.

One of the reasons why I stayed there so often in the village living with the berber, taking daily walks into the dunes to explore how far I could go and still find my way back (quite far actually), is the strong energetic attraction I felt to the dunes. Like a mother the dunes embrace. And although the desert is male as a whole, the dunes are female. Very feminine actually with the soft curves and the warm spirit that takes away your pain. The longer I stayed, the more I would hear the whispers of the Universe. The berber are a tribe that is very unique, highly spiritual and also very wise. The berber are almost like shamans, they are in touch with nature and read their signs intuitively, while at the same time practicing rituals that are very similar to meditation techniques from the yogic scriptures.

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The classes are tailored to your individual needs and level, rather deep than fast and dynamic, even if it will be a flow, of course. All levels welcome. We had total beginners and seasoned practitioners in past retreats and in the end everyone would take something home from it. The power of the chakras lies in showing you exactly what to work on, so that your energy can flow freely to bring lasting peace of mind.
Each day there are specific kriyas and asanas, including pranayama and meditation, for each chakra. The focus is on energy work instead of work out. It’s a great opportunity to shift something, which otherwise is hiding or gets overlooked in regular classes.

These are either dynamic, moving the body to release energetic blockages and giving the mind a break, or they are guided using imagery and visualization as tools to unlock the subconsciousness, which communicates through feelings and visions, rather than words and thoughts.

All these elements together create a powerful trinity, as you can see. A holy trinity so to speak, coupled with a sense of adventure and a great potential to overcome any kind of unknown fear. So if you feel called to join, just get in touch, places are limited to 7.

April, 8 – 18, 2017 – Easter Chakra Flow, Sahara Desert
• 10 nights / 11 days

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Golden light, golden dunes, golden vibe, join in!