CamelTrek_Berber_Desert U Retreat_web copyHave you ever wondered why you tap into the same behaviour patterns and yet can´t find out how to change them? Do you start every year with a few New Year´s resolutions, but somehow don´t follow up throughout the year? Or did you ever wonder, if there was another path waiting for you, another way to live your life? Creative Visualization, Affirmations, Yoga and Meditation can help you to change that for good.

That´s why our next retreat will be the “Creative Visualization Retreat”. A blend of different profound techniques, that help you see your obstacles, how to overcome them and hand you tools to consciously build the life for yourself you wish to have. I´m very excited, because this time we´ll also have the New Moon on our side, on Sunday 13th, which means we´ll have a New Moon ritual! New Moon helps in inviting anything new and fresh into our lives!

We´ll only be working with techniques I´ve applied and tested myself over many years, and which helped me in years of change and transformation.

What are you waiting for?

12. – 19. September 2015

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Our retreats are always a beautiful combination of travel, Hatha and Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Meditations (active and guided) and Movement, with an extra option of Reiki and Ayurveda Healing Massage treatments and personal Yoga Therapy Coachings.