Desert U Retreat_Meditation_Sahara_Morocco 

… and enjoy the silence.

Just by breathing in deeply and taking in a full yogic breath, fully expanding our lungs and passing the air down to the belly, the body takes in a lot more oxigen than by breathing normally. What we mean by normally is, when we work, run from one place to the other, do things hastily, well – a daily routine for most of us – our breath becomes very short and shallow. Hence, we don´t use the full capacity of our lungs and our body doesn´t take in all the oxigen that is needed. The result is, we get even more stressed, more fatigued and might even weaken our immunsystem. By inhaling fully, consciously, we nourish our body, our cells, our heart and our blood circulation, and our body relaxes automatically.

So take a deep breath, relax and you are one step closer to meditation.

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