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Booking for our annual Chakra Flow Retreat is open now! Benefit from the SUPER EARLY BIRD till 15th of October or the EARLY BIRD discount till the 15th of December to reserve your place. This time we explore the desert a little further and stay for 10 nights / 11 days, which leaves more time to explore desert villages, visit the nomads or take some down time meditating on the dunes. An optional 3 nights / 4 days excursion to Essaouira, the arty coastal town, can be added after the Chakra Flow Retreat.

The Chakra Flow is a transformational, spiritual, holistic road trip through the South of Morocco and it´s rich local culture, all the way to the Sahara desert. It is an opportunity to activate your chakras and all of your senses. While Morocco with it´s vibrant colors (including those of the chakras), taste and design awakens you externally, the energy and silence of the desert awakens you from within.

Gain in depth understanding about the 7 main psycho-spiritual energy centres in your body through yoga, meditation, colors, sound, crystals and movement and learn how to work with them in your daily life.

You will come away with new insights to balance, centre and harmonize your body, mind and spirit, a new understanding of yourself and most probably with a new outlook on life!

By spending time in the desert and its silence you´ll connect deeply to your inner wisdom and hear clearly what the next steps on your life path will be.

Individual Healing Session support you further on your journey: Chakra Healing, Reiki, Ayurveda Healing Massage, Kinesiology Muscle Testing and Yoga Therapy.


Find all the DETAILS about the Retreat HERE.

SUPER EARLY BIRD discount of 180€ till 15th of October.

EARLY BIRD discount of 90€ till 15th of December.

Places are limited, so reserve your spot soon.


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Namasté and Bislama,

see you in the desert


☼ How to strengthen your Root Chakra? ☼

Desert U Retreat_Anne Haack Yoga_RootCHakra_Sahara_webHow to strengthen your root chakra, Muladhara (mula = root, adhara = base / support)?

Your root chakra is located at the base of the spine and relates to your physical experience on this planet. It´s concerned with your most basic needs: survival, the feeling of safety and security, stability. On an energetic level it relates to money, conditioning, family issues, belonging to a tribe, feeling at home and recognizing the connection to mother earth.

By walking through the desert, entering the ever present embrace of the desert, you are activating your root chakra through the connection to nature in it´s purest form. Wind, sunshine, earth, space and the water that runs through the desert underneath the dunes. Reconnect to all these elements inside of your body and recognize that you are part of a greater whole.

Few places left in our ‘Chakra Flow Retreat’ from 23. April – 1. May, 2016. Maybe one spot is waiting exactly for you?

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Love to see all of you soon!