Most of you that came to the retreats have experienced pizza berber in the desert, a special type of calzone style pizza baked in the hot sand under a sparkling fire. But what exactly is it?


Pizza berber in the making in the desert camp. Not without a Moroccan tea of course.

Pizza berber is made of traditional pizza dough that get prepared over a lengthy period of type. Everything is a bit more slow motion in the desert so the pizza maker takes his time to do every single step of the process. Later he prepares the vegetables, herbs and meat which are cooked and roasted so they form a paste. This paste goes into the filling of the pizza dough, means the whole pizza is closed in dough, the filling is inside, like a calzone, but round as a pizza.

Then the pizza is brought to the fire and gets placed in the sand under the fire, our berber guys in the desert also place a metal covering over it, to increase the heat. Once finished the metal cover gets taken away and the pizza taken out of the sand with two wooden sticks.

Once out of the fire, the not crispy crusty pizza gets scratched free of sand and wood and ashes and is ready to be eaten! Delicous! Crusty & crispy outside, and hot, warm and chewy inside, it really is an experience every single time!