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… all in the desert!

Yoga: A combination of Vinyasa Flow, Kundalini, Hatha Yoga and Pranayama (breathing techniques). According to the time of the day either more active or calm. The desert opens yourself to your own innate power, therefore it is recommended that you prepare a theme you want to work on or an especially demanding asana you would like to deepen.

Movement: In the movement classes we explore the body and its relationship with itself, the space around it and other people. Move your energy from your center, and get in direct contact with your own creative flow. These workshops will amplify and liberate your energy via techniques such as theatre, movement and corporal expression.

Meditation: The meditations will be with either guided using visualizations to receive subtle answers that expand the world of words – or active, with a combination of movement, music and relaxation. 

Private Sessions: Reiki, Massage, Chakra Healing, Kinesiology and Yoga Therapy: You can book your own individual Healing session during the retreat.


Reiki is universal energy that flows through the hands of the practitioner to the person receiving it, working on the most important aspects in that moment of the person´s life, be it emotional, energetically or physically. Reiki helps to relieve stress, boosts the immun system, balances energy levels in the body, calms the mind, aids in healing injuries quicker, activates the self-healing abilities of the body, clear negative energy and blockages and centers the whole body-mind-spirit system. It gives information about the activity of the chakras and hidden causes of disease in the body.

Chakra Healing balances all of the chakras, energy centers, in the body, aligns and harmonizes them and clears away blockages and negative energy. It gives insight into which chakra needs the most attention in this moment in time and how to continue to work with them, as well as balancing out the related emotions to each chakra.

Ayurveda Healing Massage is a special and unique mix of deep tissue, acupressure and Ayurvedic Abhyanga massage combined with energy healing and clearing. Every massage works on releasing blockages or stuck energy on a physical and emotional level, while increasing the overall energy flow in the body. Every massage is deepling relaxing and energizing at the same time.

Kinesiology Muscle Testing is a simple and effective tool to get to know which food, activities, cosmetics or people support or block your way of being and personal growth. In a session we trace old feelings that show behind acute emotional stress (anger, fear, confusion, sadness, unwanted habits…) back to the organs, where they manifest physically, and work with affirmations and de-stressing methods to release the symptoms from the body and restructure the patterns in the mind.

Yoga Therapy helps you to see the connection between your emotions and their physical manifestation of blockages, pain or stiffness in the body. By using specific asanas, meditation or pranayama techniques, you learn to gradually open that area of your body and release the symptoms by integrating a daily routine into your life.