Divine GODDESS Retreat

10 days / 9 nights 

18 – 27 November 2018

Marrakesh – Ouarzazate – Merzouga – Sahara Erg Chebbi Dunes – Merzouga – Marrakesh


This Retreat for Women is a life changing journey to connect with our feminine essence, our deepest strength, our authentic presence, as well as with the big mother spirit of the Sahara desert, lead by intuitive coach, healer and yoga teacher Anne Haack. The ‘Divine Goddess’ retreat is a transformational experience with sacred ceremony, earth wisdom, yoga, meditation, intuitive coaching, shamanic circles and inner journeying + a Full Moon Cacao Ceremony.

It´s a place to retreat and recharge – and reclaim the true core essence of your BEing. Just be you, in stillness as in community with a supportive group of women, each unique in their own right to complement each other.

This retreat is a pathway to bring the masculine and feminine energies back into balance, let go off stress and all the masks we have put on for society, allow ourselves to unfold our Divine gifts, reclaim our wild feminine spirit, rebalance our chakras and find peace within, so that we can manifest peace outside! Individual Healing Sessions are available to deepen the experience of this retreat.

journey through the colorful and diverse South of Morocco, from the bustling city of Marrakech with its arabic Souks of 1001 nights, through the diverse range of the Atlas mountains and palm valleys, to Berber villages and the grand Sahara desert. Witness unforgettable skies, unending space and listen to the audible silence of the dancing dunes. While immersing yourself into an ancient culture that is rich in magic, rituals and serenity.

“It´s time to become quiet and listen within. Find out where your priorities lie. What you truly love. What is most important to you right now. What you can let go of. Who You are underneath everything you do.”


18.11. Meeting in Marrakesh • 19.11. Trip to Ouarzazate • 20.11. Trip to the Desert Hotel • 21.11. Second Night in Desert Hotel • 22.11. Trek to Sahara Camp • 23.11. FULL MOON Cacao Ceremony in the Camp • 24.11. Back to Desert Hotel • 25.11. Second Night in Desert Hotel • 26.11. Back to Marrakech • 27.11. Departure Day


What Previous Clients Say

“WOW. Everyday was an experience there was no one highlight for me. Travelling in comfort, excellent accommodation, lots of different scenery. Then there was the working through the chakras using a mix of yoga and different meditations and I am really glad that I also experienced the Reiki and massage. And some excellent tunes. Everything was well organised too. All of this is down to Anne and her unique, personable style using a range of different ways to help you to see who the real you is (even if you have to work through a bit to get there!) – SUPER amazing. Of course it helped that I had the chance to spend a week with a group of great people and share this experience. Thanks all x” – Jessica (UK) 

“In a word Brilliant.

Great mix of fabulous scenery, yoga (which I actually don’t really like – but this was great) and chakra meditation. Which I think left everyone more in touch with themselves, each other and can’t believe I am about to say this but the universe! Which ain’t bad for a week in the desert. Even had France and England holding a desert chanting version of the Eurovision song contest – which finished an honourable tie. No idea what I’m talking about – well then you will simply have to go and experience it for yourself – its pretty cool.” – Jeannette (UK) 


Giving Back – Karma Yoga

5% of the Retreat will go to a local NGO supporting women and children in the desert. The funds are used to maintain a center for activities that they can do among themselves, without being disturbed by men or their daily household duties, to explore their creativity and talents, as well as to use the place to craft local goods, which then can be sold to visitors and help them sustain their families and an individual income.




BOOK NOW, places are limited to 9 Women per retreat